2013 Florence B Wager Awards

Leading Eagle Award: Bill Dygert and George Simpson, co-recipients (Conservations Futures Programs)

Simpson Dygert_small

Bill Dygert and George Simpson have been named co-recipients of the Leading Eagle Award. This award recognizes a community leader who has led initiatives that have significantly influenced the life, health, and direction of our parks, trails, and recreation programs. Dygert and Simpson’s leadership and vision led to the establishment of the Conservations Futures Program and acquisition of 4,900 acres of the most important park, open space, and habitat lands in Clark County. The program provided seed money to secure millions of dollars in state and federal grants for developing trails, picnic sites, viewpoints, and other recreation facilities. Dygert and Simpson are credited for the development of comprehensive parks and recreation plans which made the county and cities of the county eligible for state and federal grants. “The basic framework for the park system in Vancouver and Clark County exists today largely because of their leadership over the last thirty years,” said Glenn Lamb, Columbia Land Trust Executive Director.

V-Formation Flyer Award: Anita Hill (Whipple Creek Restoration Project)

Anita Will

Anita Will has won the V-Formation Flyer Award in honor of her years of service and leadership on behalf of the Whipple Creek Restoration Project. This award recognizes the spirited volunteer whose dedication goes above and beyond the norm, unhesitatingly giving of their time and resources to organize, develop, or enhance the parks, trails, and recreation programs in our community. Will, who also has a long history as a Clark County trails supporter, began her community service as a teenager helping with Vancouver waterfront trails. “No one and I mean no one, gets to the park earlier to work or stays as late as she does,” said Sandra Day, who nominated Anita for this award. “In addition to hands-on, on-the-ground work, she is always on the computer sending emails, updating Facebook, researching history of the lands and inhabitants, or influencing and convincing others to donate equipment, materials and expertise.  You name the need for the Park, and she asks.”

Tributary Award: Steve Wall (City of Ridgefield Public Works)

Steve Wall

Steve Wall, City of Ridgefield Public Works, has been named the recipient of the Tributary Award in recognition of his work on the City of Ridgefield’s park system. Thisaward recognizes a parks and recreation professional who has gone above and beyond their daily duties in developing or enhancing innovative programs that connect the public to parks and recreation in new ways, creating new efficiencies to ease cost burdens, or securing/developing new grant sources or revenue concepts. Wall’s leadership, dedication, can-do attitude, ever-present smile, patience, and professionalism were cited in the many letters of support accompanying his nomination. “Steve shares the Parks Board’s vision of a community with interconnected trails, showcase parks, and engaged citizens and he works tirelessly to bring that vision to life,” said Marie Bouvier, Ridgefield Parks Board Chair.