2012 Award Winners

Don Cannard

Dr Milada Allen

Vicki Vanneman

The Leading Eagle Award recognizes a community leader – in business, non-profit, government, or grassroots – who has led initiatives that have significantly influenced the life, health, and direction of our parks, trails, and recreation programs. Don Cannard, retired Vancouver School District teacher and administrator, has been selected as the 2012 Leading Eagle recipient. Cannard, a trails’ activist, volunteer, and supporter, spearheaded the planning and development of the Ellen Davis Trail, co-founded the Chinook Trails Association, and has been instrumental in the planning, development, and maintenance of a vast array of community projects, including the Cy Ward Garden, the Jane Weber Evergreen Arboretum, and the construction of a “rim top trail”, circling the Columbia River Gorge to Vancouver.

The V-Formation Flyer Award recognizes the spirited volunteer whose dedication goes above and beyond the norm. They unhesitatingly give of their time and resources, organizing, developing, or enhancing the parks, trails, and recreation programs of our community. They are characterized by their consistent and dependable dedication to supporting, sustaining, or building parks, trails, and recreation programs. In honor of her tireless commitment and dedication to our community, Dr. Milada Allen has been named the 2012 V-Formation Flyer award recipient. Allen, longtime Felida Neighborhood Association board member and president, also serves as a member of the Clark County Planning Commission, and in various capacities with numerous other organizations, including Clark Conservation District, Friends of Clark County, Watershed Stewards, and Clark County Veterans’ Assistance Center. As president of the Felida Neighborhood Association, Allen serves as a strong advocate and supporter of park, trail, and open space projects, soliciting tens of thousands of dollars in donations, recruiting volunteer support, and organizing fundraising events.

The Tributary Award recognizes a parks and recreation professional who has gone above and beyond their daily duties in developing or enhancing innovative programs that connect the public to parks and recreation in new ways, create new efficiencies to ease cost burdens, and/or secure and develop new grant sources or revenue concepts.  Vicki Vanneman, a 32-year parks and recreation professional, has been selected as the Tributary Award recipient. A ten-year veteran with Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation, Vanneman served as construction project manager of the award-winning Firstenburg Community Center, director of the Marshall/Luepke Center campus, and is currently leading special assignments related to the department’s recreation transition plan. Vanneman was cited for her commitment to addressing the needs of the under-served in our community, her advocacy in securing external funding to maintain youth, teen, and senior services and programs, and her leadership in serving on external committees like the Clark County Aging Readiness Task Force Committee.

The 2012 Florence B. Wager Award recipients were selected by committee members Liz Cerveny, Paul Christensen, Val Ogden, Kate Sacamano, Pat Sheaffer, and Florence Wager.